Cloud Service

Need to develop and manage cloud services? A variety of instruments at his disposal allows us to build a cloud service you are always tailored to your customers website and mobile world.

Mobile Services

Our development team gives you a variety of customized solutions to mobile worlds. Starting from Ainttrnt responsive, through a unique application to your customers with cloud services that can be consumed Mcisirim self-managing mobile.

Maps & Location Services

Bisoft Software Inc. is a software company that specializes in providing advanced solutions for large-scale and large enterprises and medium-sized businesses in the fields of development, counseling and placement solutions for internet, Aintrantiim and phones.

VOIP Solutions

Development and management of telephony solutions with on the internet that allow the creation of mechanisms for dynamic conversation between visits to businesses and the large support centers skiers.

CRM Solutions

Wide Toolbox enables us to provide our customers CRM solutions are adapted exactly to their needs. Our subsystems treat the world of marketing, sales, goals, conservation ...